11:11,1:11 December 31, 2020 Twin Flames

Twin Flames December 31, 2020 11:11 - 1:11

This scripture started at 11:11 and ended at 1:11. This was two hours of focused manifestation work.

I woke up today and realized it was the end of 2020. I didn't care. Everyday I wake up it is a new year for me. New Year? I say Blessed Day! erry day friend. I celebrate as many of them as I can because like you one day I will not wake up in this physical world. I am nothing less then a spec of sand in the gamification of biology. The way I see reality is only having 365*72= 26,000 days left to live. So me celebrating 365 days a year I am emitting 365% more joy into the world then others who do not frame their reality this way. This me selling a high ticket pen assuming I die in my sleep at 111. Raising the bar of life expectancy here. Truth. This is what The Superior Eating System does. Reverses Diabetes and Cancer. That was not a typo. I knew this 11 years ago as I began to retire my Corporate Career and manifest Healthy Cooking Delivery. 11 years later, b00m! MA$$ive mrr...

I could tell the energy is different today. Wildcard days. Definitely felt the guidance of Level 4 - 0rcan0mic. When I get built up with energy I podcast using Anchor. I have been doing this for three years. This is good practice to get your thoughts into reality. This is one tactic of how I manifest results while simultaneously investing in a high income skill known as public speaking. Here is today's Podcast that doesn't suck.

In the podcast I drop $20,000 of wisdom here. I finish the podcast and realize I have leads I haven't nurtured in months. I’m not Trevor and Trevor isn’t Jesse. We compliment each other well and cover the total circumference of the perimiter. These are real people who applied to positions and actually filled out a form using Google forms. I look at the clock and guess what time it is? That's right friends 11:11. So 11:11 makes the square of Level 4 because there are four vertexes. We now take this further and form the tabernacle which is pointed in N E S W. Now we have Four Corners established on December 31,2020 at 11:11 we can drill down with 0rcan0mic as we have framework to launch our campaign from.

Jesus data tells us Moses lead 600,000 people from Egypt into the desert for 40 years until they finally found the promise land. So what percent is 600,000 of 2,400,000,000 Christians? Same as covid bro even before I confirm it with my Iphone calculator that doesn't even calculate that high. 0%. Now let's not forget about Islam. They got the cash bro. Now our vision has become more profitable.

Now 1:11 is three, where we trim some fat off the meat to get closer to the desired result which is $20,000 mrr for 12 Homo Sapiens that complete the circle. So what information we needed at four we don't need at 3. Orion's Belt, Triangulating with others.

Now 2 is TMoney. We just need to slap some cash down Son as soon as I can fix the form problem. We then optimize base on the results we get back from our campaigns. Best part is my automated reporting module I built for your business. Fix the nurturing leads problem with physical people. Make three organic sales in one of the 43 countries we can put points in the paypal screen which solves π for our scenario which is $20,000 mrr profit for everyone in this group. Utopia. This is intention that can be applied to any campaign, client or business. When you do this in businesses you become a liked and paid for it.

What I realize is Twin Flames live weekly social event is me starting the mrr pipeline of digital to physical as much as possible. That's good business. So I sit down and log into one of my softwares that I paid $30,000 for eight years ago before I sent one email campaign. I am sending you this email from the software that I own and self host. No one can shut you down except me. Freedom. Autonomy.

Orca Accounting works and delivers with 100% accuracy. I tested this on two campaigns searching for a Volunteer Accountant and Systems Administrator. My follow up sucked. I failed. I can send any message to two different groups of people. These are my lists and where manifestation occurs in the form of 50-600% daily roi. That was my flow anyways. I’m sure you will have those numbers if you do what I did. Regardless, I was spammed by a CPA on Linkedin so let’s do the same. Linkedin uses a lot of business addresses this is called General Internet "GI" by the Orcas. Robomail delivers well to GI! I'm B0$$ here.

There are 660,000,000 users on Linkedin. This includes the 43 countries we are ready to put points up in paypal screen. The average foreign exchange gain of the 47 countries is 185%. That is ontop of the profit from selling tpm. One sale of tpm = $9,250

I'm 185 most of the time. I remember many moons ago Heather would love when I benched 185 in my living room on a Friday night being the coolest guy no one’s ever heard of. She forced me with blow jobs while I would be bench pressing. She would make me do two more reps every time. Not even joking. We consistently trained this and it increased my bench and levels of Happiness.

The pictures of cash is to communicate the √ of mental pain in Humanity is from managing cashflow. Nothing new to me. Managing cash flow for businesses is what I do as an accountant. As a Business Owner you need to build mrr or you fail 96% of the time. If you make it eight years as a business owner you will battle dick bangers taking money from your bank account. I fight these dick bangers head on using the Straight Line Method (SLM). This is how I have saved multiple businesses millions of dollars in lost revenue. I like to think of SLM as Boolean Logic since science says so compared some fancy marketing term that The Wolf of Wall Street made up that will entice you to buy a bottle of dick pills today with an upsell facemask and never talk to you again. Belfort sucks because there is no point listening to him except for learning because there is no way you get +$1 from him. He’s a dick banger. Zero Sum, Fake Bro. It’s just how it goes. You talk to Belfort when you pay. Apparently $10,000 an hour. Dick banger.

We all can manage widgets. When people fuck with my cashflow I attack and I always will. You should too. If you make it to $50,000 mrr months you will quickly learn you have to work twice as hard to protect your profits. See, no one tells you that because that is their lesson they learned and your not supposed to teach others your moves unless you want them to be . You will need to kick the pizza guy in the dick if you want to win in business.

The bank account bounced this month because I didn't respond to one of my mortgage renewals so they doubled the price. I run on a razor thin budget by design so I'm not equipped right now to be taking financial hits like I was eight years ago. Every dollar matters. No sweat, I called the bank renegotiated to a amazing interest rate and increased my mrr by +25. I was happy to see that financial improvement from one action I made.

On the other hand, I now have a sms plan on my phone so Bae can text me instead of facebook messaging me. This costs us -20 mrr. I get some technology upgrades here though. I am able to send sms to myself during the day at home for testing. That's good. That will speed up the launch rate of the 25 long term investments I made three years ago. Down from 250. Again there is no limit here to the number of lists and users we can have on the Content Display Network (CDN). So we focus on one? Start less finish more mindset tpm. There can only be one. 1:11

Because I stole this Ihpone8 from https://hsmnetwork.com/ I have to jail break this phone. Literally hack it just like I hack the internet to generate autopilot revenue. Okay. So, kind of annoyed I have to pay -$20mrr and others ignore my financial leadership around comments like "I can charge people +$20 mrr to use my software where they can send text messages to others". When I say this they ignore and go back to their own reality which is usually low income task not realizing I personaly know people consistently pumping out $5,000-$12,000 in revenue per DAY with sms. The part that doesn't work for me is I am willing to adapt to others inferior habits or scenarios but less others adapt to me right now. Gamification tells is this is not optimal.

So let's close with if anyone ever tells you to not follow numbers because of fear never speak to that person again because it's likely said person will not make the 5% club. If you want to get to the 5% club don't talk money advice from someone who drives a ford fusion. If someone can not stop drinking for 30 days they are an alcoholic. This is the reality of tpm culture. 2020 was a huge gain for me Leadership wise. 2021 and the next 71 years will be fruitful if I stick to the mindset of peace, power and joy.

Wish you the best in your endeavors.
Remember you are never alone.
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